Official Website

 ★  Official Website ★

Kim Hyun Joong :

Key East –

Key East Official Facebook Page –

Hyun Joong Official Facebook Page –

Hyun  Joong’s Weibo –

Hyun Joong Official WebSite –

Hyun Joong Official Japan WebSite –

Henecia Fan Club –

Hyun Joong 1ST Premium DVD & Photobook “The First Love Story” Official Web –

Park Jung Min :

Jung Min’s QQ weibo –

Jung Min Official Facebook Page –

ROMEO Official Facebook Page –

Jung Min Japanese Official Fan Club –

Jung Min’s Royal Avenue –

Jung Min’s Lapin Carrot –

Jung Min’s Royal Avenue & Lapin Carrot Official Blog –

Kim Hyung Joon :

Hyung Joon Official Korean WebSite –

Hyung Joon Official Japanese Fanclub –

Hyung Joon & Ki Bum’s HnB Company –

Hyung Joon & Ki Bum’s PiroPiro –

Hyung Joon’s Music High – Listen To Kim Hyung Joon\’s Music High

Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong:

B2M –

Kyu Jong  Korean Fan Club –

Kyu Jong Japan Official Site –

Young Saeng Korean Fan Club –

Young Saeng Japan Official Site –

★ DSP Website ★

Korea DSP –

Japan DSP –

Thailand DSP –

DSP Official YouTube Channel –

Sendmall –

★ Twitter Account ★

Kim Kyu Jong –

Kim Hyung Joon –

Park Jung Min –

Heo Young Saeng –

3 comments on “Official Website

  1. hey 🙂 uhm do you know how i can see their tweets in english? like do you know any guys on twitter who translate it? cause i really wanna know what they say 😦 thanks 🙂

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