[Video] 05.06.13 Hyun Joong – Video Message & Homepage Renewal Notice

Credit: kimhyunjoong606 @ YT

Dear Everyone. This is Keyeast

Already the month of May became a past,
and now we are already in the beginning of June.
We wish everyone of you to enjoy June as another wonderful month with refreshing wind.
Please let us to announce to our fan visitors of Homepage of Mr. Kim Hyun-Joong(www. hyun-joong.com).

First of all, taking this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the deep love extended by many fans shown to the Homepage since its open September 2010, and to reward those fan’s supports the newly upgraded homepage is to be open as on the 5th June 2013 with fresh decorations.

The newly upgraded Homepage of Kim Hyun-Joong(www. hyun-joong.com) is designed to have integrated operation with Henecia(www. henecia.com) which will make it possible to improve the inconveniences of existing homepage or the use/participation under various browser environments.

It will be very convenient to use due to automatic conversion of screen layout in connection with devices’ resolution such as PC, Smart phone, Tablet etc. as such various contents in the Homepage can be verified anytime, anyplace.

We will endeavor to let you enjoy as much contents as possible in the future.

Thank you in advance for your kind visits to our new homepage to be open soon

Best Regards