[Info] YoungSaeng 2nd Japan Album ‘想い出を君に’

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Heo Young Saeng will release his 2nd Japan Album ‘想い出を君に’ (‘For your memories’) on 3rd July! The album will cover songs like ‘All My Love’, ‘Mermaid’ which was sung during SS501 promotion period in Japan. 2 new songs ‘いつでも僕は君といる’ & ‘Everything you’ are included in the 9 tracks album. Heo YoungSaeng’s personal song ‘はじめて見る空だった’ will also include as a bonus track in the normal album.

In addition, Heo YoungSaeng will held a concert ‘Heo YeongSaeng Concert 2013’ at Zepp Tokyo on 11 July 2013.

Song List
1. いつでも僕は君といる(New song)
2. ホシゾラ (SS501 song cover)
3. Mermaid… (SS501 song cover)
4. Again (SS501 song cover)
5. 愛なのでしょ acoustic ver. (Rearrange)
6. とぎれた夜をつないで 2013 (Rearrange)
7. Dream on 2013 (Rearrange)
8. Everything you (New song)
9. All My Love (SS501 song cover)
10. はじめて見る空だった memorial ver. (YoungSaeng personal song cover)
※No.10 song only include in Normal Album

● First Pressed Limited Album (CD+DVD)
3800yen incl tax
DVD:Making Video
Special: Include 「想い出を君に」 Campaign Entrance Ticket A

● Normal Album (CD only) 
3000yen incl. tax
Special: Include 「想い出を君に」 Campaign Entrance Ticket B

‘Heo YeongSaeng Concert 2013’
Date: 11 July 2013
Entrance: 6pm   Start: 7pm
Venue: Zepp Tokyo
Ticket Cost: 8500yen.
Contact Person: Sogo Tokyo 03-3405-9999