[Trans] HyunJoong, 26th story ‘………………….’

Credits : Hyun-Joong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


Hi~~~ It has been a really long time since I’ve written. Shot 3 Japan music videos within one week,,think it will come out great…heeheeheehee
I feel good. Slept for 12 hours and woke up~~How is everyone doing these days?????? I’m going Indonesia tomorrow……ㅡㅡ
Real hardship variety…. Although it will be really tiring but a lot of people around me like it a lot since it has been a long time I appeared on TV kekeke
Guess my agony is others’ happiness~~ nevertheless I’m glad because I get to know many good people~~~
But I am also not neglecting the preparations of my Korean album~~~ Don’t worry, I really put in my heart and soul into this album
It’s an album that when it’s released, you’ll be surprised by it that you fall on your back and suffer a brain concussion. The release…can’t tell you yet^^ So once it’s out, listen to it lots and please promote (the album) too kekeke After I return from Indonesia, I must also prepare for the fan meeting
Initially I didn’t want to have such an event because it is Memorial Day which is a national holiday…^^;;;; However…I’m not sure if you all would like it but because I’ve rested very long (from activities) in Korea so….I will do my best in preparing it
Look forward to a fan meeting with a standard of a concert..kekeke Well then, till then I shall submerge (not post anything) and live on quietly while preparing for the album
I have so much that I want to show you and it feels so frustrating, I want to quickly start my activities kekekeke
I will give a blast all at one go, look forward to it ^^ Meanwhile, don’t fall sick and take care ^^

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