[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong comment for「君だけを消せなくて」(Can’t erase only you) MV from「TONIGHT」

Source:  http://www.universal-music.co.jp/kim-hyun-joong/news/2013/05/21/
English trans  OnlyKHJtimes

Eng trans of Kim Hyun Joong comment for「君だけを消せなくて」(can’t erase only you) MV from「TONIGHT」

(It) is the tune of a quiet atmosphere which glitz is taken away. (The song is ) the melody that so-called British rock, and as you can feel from the title or lyric, (I think that) it’s the tune reminds the nostalgia of my previous song,「Your Story」.

And about the MV, he said
“The MV was shot all outside that actors were in Tokyo, and I and band were in Jeju. It becomes the MV of drama concept that mixes the story of men and women passing each other. I guess that the MV has been finished in that made the concept i wanted to try to do the most come true.“

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