[Trans] Barefoot Friends who seemed to be moved by Kim Hyun Joong’s effort and sincerity

Credit: @howlovelylala

I wanna share some part of【a non-fan’s Barefoot Friends review】who seemed to be moved by Kim Hyun Joong‘s effort and sincerity.

“”I will bring this (receipt) home. I will live life to the max.” Kim Hyun Joong muttered and his face was covered in sweat. I can see how much hardship he had gone throughout the day by the receipt on his hand, which was soaked with his sweat. After the work, Kim Hyun Joong s back was stained by a lot of marks of the gendong. His back looked huge than usual. It looks like a superhero’s back, smeared with sweat and dirt, and that hurt me. I hope the show program will be well worth Kim Hyun Joong‘s sweat of the day. I hope Barefoot Friends will fight well”

Source: http://doctorcall.tistory.com/1537

Barefoot Friends’s rating is not good so far but through this show, Kim Hyun Joong‘s effort was worth it.

Kim Hyun Joong moved people and made them get to know real Kim Hyun Joong  I think this is one big step.

He said he will lives life to the max, then I will enjoy Barefoot Friends to the max, since he is doing his best for his fans in the show.

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