[News] Kim Hyun Joong Donated To The One Foundation For Earthquake Reconstruction

Chinese to English Translation: June @ LovingKimHyunJoong.com

Donation Details Posted by the One Foundation

Korean artist Kim Hyun Joong donated one hundred million won to the One Foundation for Ya’an earthquake reconstruction, and hope to send his blessings to the people of Ya’an through One Foundation. The donation has been transferred & confirmed, thanks to Korean friend Kim Hyun Joong for his support of Ya’an, the One Foundation will carefully make good use of the money, and finally quoting Kim Hyun Joong’s words to everyone: Bless Ya’an!

Source: @壹基金 @ weibo

韩国艺人@金贤重 向壹基金捐赠一亿韩元用于雅安地震灾后重建,同时希望通过壹基金传递对雅安人民的祝福。款项已经确认到账,感谢韩国朋友金贤重对雅安的支持,壹基金会认真用好善款,最后借@金贤重 的话送给大家:祝福雅安!

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