[Article] Heo Young Saeng Of SS501 Hopes His Band Gets Back Together So They Can ‘Leave Behind Lots Of Beautiful Memories, Just Like Shinhwa’

Credit: www.kpopstarz.com


This week’s episode of the Korean Broadcasting Network program “Happy Together 3” featured a tribute to the longest running K-pop idol group Shinhwa, who are celebrating their 15th year as a group.

“Shinhwa has been together for 15 years now, and is still attracting fans of all ages,” said Heo Young Saeng who was asked to appear on the special as a fan.

“When I look at Shinhwa…it makes me reflect on my own group.”

Although SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong claims they have not broken up, members of the group are currently pursuing solo careers.

Heo Young Saeng said that he was impressed by the Shinhwa members’ ability to patch up arguments.

“When SS501 were together, we weren’t able to do that,” he said. “If we could promote together again, I wish we would leave behind lots of beautiful memories just like Shinhwa.”

Interestingly enough, Heo Young Saeng’s SS501 bandmates recently had the same thought, according to the Korea Star Daily.

“There was an episode of ‘Win Win’ where the Shinhwa members were guests,” he recalled.

“While I was watching the show, I thought of my SS501 members, so I sent them text messages. The members then replied that they were also watching the show, and had the same feelings as me. I really hope that there is a chance for us to promote as SS501 again.”

This week Shinhwa released their 11th album, “The Classic.”

The album features former collaborators behind Shinhwa’s hit singles “Venus” and “Once In A Lifetime,” according to the website allkpop.

Other production credits include Samuel Waermo, Robert Vadadi, Ahn Young Min and Kim Do Hyun; the songwriter behind Lee Hyori’s “Ten Minutes.”

Choi Hee, host of “Happy Together 3,” took some time to discuss Shinhwa band member Kim Dong Wan’s transformation from skinny teen idol into muscle-bound adult.

“The reason why I started building muscles is because of my ex-girlfriend,” Kim Dong Wan explained. “My girlfriend then didn’t like my skinny image. After I broke up with her, I suddenly decided to exercise and get bigger.”

Heo Young Saeng Of SS501 Hopes His Band Gets Back Together So They Can ‘Leave Behind Lots Of Beautiful Memories, Just Like Shinhwa’

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