[Article] Musician Lee Moon Se Gained Anti-Fans Because Of SS501

Original source:  Newsen
English trans by   Cheezeemelt (www.cheezeemelt.weebly.com)
Re-post with full credits
Lee Moon Sae revealed a tangled story of him with SS501.

In YTN’s ‘Kim Jung Ah Sympathetic Interview’ last May 11th, Lee Moon Sae confessed that during his radio broadcasting, he made a lot of mistakes.

He recalls, “My biggest mistake was related to the group SS501. I mispronounced their group name in the radio waves and said ‘S-S-5-O-1‘ instead of ‘Double-eseu-oh-gong-il’. “, “After that, I was overthrew by the SS501 fans. An Anti-group immediately occurred.

Kim Jung Ah asked “Did your fangroup reported about this?
Moon Sae answered “They are a decent group, but they are not like a guardian angel who emerges whenever a crisis occurs. But fans for me is like a friend, they are precious to me more than anything.


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