[Article] 16.05.13 Heo Young Saeng hopes that SS501 can promote together again

Credit: ph.omg.yahoo.com + Korea Star Daily | KpopFighting.com

Heo Young Saeng has expressed his hope that SS501 can come together again for promotions as a group, after seeing Shinhwa who is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

In a recent recording of KBS 2TV variety show ‘Happy Together 3’ for a ‘Shinhwa Special’, the guests that were invited included Shinhwa who was celebrating their 15th anniversary, Heo Young Saeng who idolized Shinhwa since he was little, and KBS N host Choi Hee.

During the broadcast, Heo Young Saeng expressed, “Shinhwa has been together for 15 years now, and is still attracting fans of all ages. After seeing them, I have reflected a lot.” When Young Saeng heard that the Shinhwa members would patch up like normal after arguments, he said, “When SS501 were together, we weren’t able to do that. If we could promote together again, I wish we would leave behind lots of beautiful memories just like Shinhwa.”

Young Saeng also said, “There was an episode of ‘Win Win’ where the Shinhwa members were guests. While I was watching the show, I thought of my SS501 members, so I sent them text messages. The members then replied that they were also watching the show, and had the same feelings as me. I really hope that there is a chance for us to promote as SS501 again.”

Meanwhile, the Shinhwa members revealed the reason behind the group’s longevity in the industry, and also offered advice to their juniors during the broadcast.
This particular episode will be aired on the night of May 16th through KBS 2TV.

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