[KEYEAST Notice] Notice on the ticket booking for 2013 KHJ SHOW “Party People”

Credit: www.hyun-joong.com


We are Keyeast.


We are pleased to invite domestic fans to 2013 KHJ SHOW “Party People” on June 8, 2013,

a long-awaited chance to bring together the fans of Kim Hyeon-joong who returns to Korea after his long performances in Japan and other countries.


This event will feature even more attractive and powerful performance of more mature Kim Hyeon-joong, fully meting your expectations.


For more information about the participation in 2013 KHJ SHOW “Party People”,

please refer to the performance information page of Interpark. For any question about the ticket booking and delivery, contact Interpark.


Thank you.  


<Overview of Performance>

Title: 2013 KHJ SHOW “Party People”

Date: PM7:00 on June 8(Sat.), 2013.

Place: Hwajeong gymnasium, Korea University, Seoul

Ticket: KRW 66,000(including VAT)

Organizer : keyeast

Supervisor: Bonboo Entertainment

Age for admission: 6 years old or older 


<Booking Information>

Start of the fan club pre-sale ticket booking: 8:00PM on May 15(Wed.), 2013

Start of ordinary ticket booking: 8:00PM on May 16(Thurs.), 2013

Booking site: Interpark(http://ticket.interpark.com)

Date of ticket delivery: May 22(Wed.), 2013 (The date of delivery may be different from the date of receipt.)

Inquiry about ticketing: 1544-1555


<Seat Plan>

<Guidance on fan club pre-sale ticket booking>
1. Only the 2013 HENECIA members can book the fan club pre-sale tickets.
2. The fan club pre-sale tickets are available from 08: 000 PM on May 15(Wednesday).
For booking the pre-sale tickets, you will need to go through authentication process based on your ID and date of birth which you entered to sign up for fan club.
3. To complete the pre-sale ticket booking, select a seat in the same way as ordinary ticket booking(1 ticket for 1 person)

<Notes related to the pre-sale ticket booking>

1. Ordinary ticket booking starts from 08:000PM on May 16(Thursday).
The pre-sale tickets for Kim Hyeon-joong’s official fan club Henecia are available online via Interpark from 08:00PM on May 15(Wed) to 05:00PM on May 16.
2. You have to book the pre-sale tickets in your name. If not, problems may occur with the site distribution, etc.
3. The tickets are delivered altogether. If you booked later, the pre-sales ticket will be delivered to your address or given to you at the site.
4. For those who booked the pre-ale tickets by depositing directly into the bank account, the ticket booking can be processed normally only if correct amount is deposited by 23:59:59 on the following day.
Please note that the booking will be automatically cancelled if you do not make a deposit by the time limit.
5. The tickets will not be reissued. Please note that the admission will be denied without the presentation of the ticket.
6. You will be solely responsible for any damage arising from direct transaction among individuals.
Please note that the organizer and ticket office will not be responsible for such damage.
7. Do not post the image of ticket on the internet because the ticket can be illegally copied and counterfeited.
Please note that the organizer and supervisor will not be responsible for any damage arising from illegal transaction.

<Notes related to the performance>
1. The admission is allowed only for persons 6 years old or older (1 seat for 1 person).
2. Please use the public transport to avoid congestion at the performance site.
3. Please bring donation flowers which can be used to celebrate good things, not the garlands or flower baskets.
4. Please follow the instruction of staffs(body guards and personnel) who guide you from your arrival at the site throughout the performance.
Please note that you may be forcibly removed from the performance site if you behave improperly and do not follow the instruction of staffs.
5. The use of explosives, such as lighter and firework, etc., is completely prohibited in accordance with the Fire Service Act.
Please refrain from holding unrelated individual events that cause disruption to the performance.
6. Please refrain from carrying the placards and banners because they can disturb others watching the performance.
7. Any act of photographing, videotaping, recording, and tape-recording is totally prohibited to ensure undisrupted process of the performance and protect the portrait rights.
Anyone who is caught in such act will be immediately removed from the performance site, and the concerned materials will be deleted.
8. The organizer and supervisor will not be responsible for any confusion and accident caused because you are not well-acquainted with the notices.


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