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Kim Hyung-jun was born on 3 August 1987. He is a South Korean entertainer and youngest member of boyband SS501. He debut as a solo artist in March 2011 with mini album My Girl and musical debut in Caffeine.


2005: Debut

Kim Hyung Jun went to Kyonggi University, a school affiliated with Dongguk University Teacher’s College High School with fellow member Park Jung Min. He has a younger brother named Kim Ki Bum who is a former member of boy band U-KISS. Along with SS501, he debuted on 8 June 2005 as the youngest member of the group, often referred to as Baby or maknae.

Kim Hyung Jun, along with the members of SS501 except for Heo Young Saeng who was recovering from the surgery, lent their voices to the Korean version of 2006 animated film Pi’s Story.

In 2008, with Jung-min, who’s performing in the lead role of ‘Danny Park’ in musical Grease and Hyun-joong on Boys Over Flowers; Young-saeng together with Kyu-jong and Hyung-jun, formed ‘SS501 Project Group’ with Young-saeng as the leader. They released a project album named U R Man in November 2008, with high tempo dance title track “UR Man”. They also contributed to the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack with “내 머리가 나빠서” (Because I’m Stupid), and appeared as a cameo in episode four, performing their track, “U R Man”. The track won Song of the Month for February at the 32nd Cyworld Digital Music Awards on 28 March 2009.

2010-2011: Leaving DSP, My Girl Album and Cafe-In Musical

In June 2010, upon the expiration of Hyung Jun’s contract with DSP Media, he signed with S-Plus Entertainment in August 2010, to embark on his solo career. S-Plus Entertainment stated that SS501’s activities are top priority in his contract and that they have not disbanded. In December, Hyung Jun and his younger brother Kim Ki Bum launched HnB company, which stands for “Happy n Bright”. It is a character design brand with its first product named “PiroPiro”, a bear with dark circles under its eyes, representing tired office workers and those who feel the strain of work.

In January 2011, according to his official Japanese homepage, Hyung Jun signed with Avex Entertainment for his Japanese activities. On 8 March 2011, Hyung Jun released his debut solo mini album My Girl with music videos for the two lead tracks “oH! aH!” and “Girl”, in which Park Jung Min visited him during the music video shoot for the latter. A Japanese version was released on 6 April 2011 with two bonus tracks of Japanese versions of the two lead tracks. In June, Hyung Jun performed with other Korean artists in the Fantastic K-POP Concert in Jakarta, followed by concert in Singapore and in Hong Kong to promote his mini album.

In October 2011, Hyung Jun made his theater debut in the romantic comedy musical Caffeine, where he played as a barista. He was also featured in Kan Mi Youn’s “Paparazzi” music video.

2012: Acting Career and Escape Album

After his acting debut on Black City, Kim Hyung Jun became a cast on My Shining Girl as a main character in March, following Late Blossom in April.

My Shining Girl

also known as Glowing She, Sunshine Girl

broadcast 7 January 2012 to 17 March 2012

Late Blossom

also known as I Love You

broadcast 16 April 2012 to 5 June 2012

In July, he released his second mini album entitled Escape with the single Sorry, I’m Sorry. The album includes five songs, and a 25-minute drama MV starring Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Ki Woo, and himself. He, then holds his first solo live tour ‘2012 1st Story in Japan’ in April and ‘2012 2nd Story in Japan’ in August.

In November, he was cast in Rough Play (An Actor is an Actor) with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, a film written and produced by Kim Ki-duk. In December, he becomes active in attending several award shows and music festivals, including the ‘2012 Thailand Korea Friendship Festival’ and ‘2012 Malaysia Model Festival Awards’ where he meets the world famous designer Jimmy Choo. He also receives his first award in the 2012 ‘K-Drama Star Awards’ where he is given the Rising St…

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