[Video + Trans] 18.04.13 Young Saeng – KBS Arabic Star Interview

[Trans To English] The Arabic Interview with Heo Young Saeng :

Q1: what do you feel about meeting Arab fans for the 3rd time ?
YS: I feel sorry about them Because I meet them 1 time in a year and I want to meet them 2~3 times in a year but I feel happy when meeting renewed.

Q2: How does Heo Young Saeng feel about Arab ?
YS: “Usually my thoughts turn to Europe when I want to travel to work and also Southeast Asia but when Arab fans started shows their interest on me I started reading about what Arabic country I can visit”

Q3: How many hours do you sleep in a day ?
YS: when I don’t have anything I usually sleep 9~10 hours

Q4: How many hours you will be busy ?
YS: 3~4 hours
YS also say : he didn’t sleep for 29 hours when he was makings “The Art Of Seduction”

Q5: Do you still feel shy in front of women, is that right ?
YS: yes, that’s right

Q6: why Heo Young saeng usually date noonas ?
YS: “What !!!! I like noonas ???! I didn’t say that before .. I prefer noonas on girls who are my age but I prefer the younger girls on them”

Q7: Who is your favorite singer ?
YS: there is a lot but if you mean who I respect ? I respect SS501

Q8: What is your favorite song on this album “Life” ?
YS: That’s Me

Q9: why they called you marshmallow ?
YS: “me ???! maybe it’s not marshmallow it is otter and Jung min has made this and he called all SS501 members with a specific type of animal in our debut”

Q10: So what you all call Jung Min ?
YS: hours, because it looks like him

Credit: 501saso@youtube + English trans by @KyuSaeng_Arab

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