[Photo + Trans] Heo Young Saeng featured in Peruvian Magazine ‘Asia Pop’ – Prince is back

Credit: Asia Pop + @Prince_HYS_Peru (Trans)

The art of seduction of HEO YOUNG SAENG – Prince is back! – trans to english –

Heo Young Saeng is back to music industry with his new mini album; our dear prince has revealed his fun MV “The art of seduction” from his 3rd Mini album “Life”, this March 13rd through his official Youtube channel, B2M Entertainment.

His new MV is about a delirious and obsessed fan, who kidnaped Heo Young Saeng, and se begins to confused fantasy and reality. Young Saeng looks great with his orange hair and eyeliner. Something that do well on MV is when this fan jumped in from of the tv when YS is on screen. If you like an Oppa, probably your will have the same reaction, when a new MV is released.

The diversity of the colors in our prince as his MV, with different locations, this makes the MV show a perfect charismatic side that the prince has.

***The opening song of album, LIFE, is about determination of wanting to move forward to a better way in the middle of a desperate situation, either in life or love. Definitely, a great return of Prince.

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