[Interview] 17.03.13 Kim Hyung Jun “SS501 will reunite someday” Interview with MeRadio.sg

Credit: http://www.meradio.sg/musicportal/mainframe

The K-Pop star was in town for a charity programme today when he sat down for a group interview with local media.

Text/Photos: Joelle Chong

“Our relationship is still good [with each other], it’s just like how we are before,” SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun affirmed, when MeRadio.sg quizzed him on how the relationships between the group members are now.

So is a SS501 reunion possible then?

Hyung Jun answered without any qualms, “We’re all busy as soloists and are doing well right now, but there will be chances of a reunion someday, although we haven’t really spoken about it yet.”

The 25-year-old specially flew to Singapore for Channel 8’s SPD Charity Show 2013, where he performed two songs ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Sorry, I’m Sorry’ on his latest album Escape.
Hyung Jun shared that he wanted to be part of the event because “it is a good event.” This also marked his first charity event outside of Korea. For those who may not know, the singer is also a rising socialtainer (entertainers who are involved in social work), who has helped many in need.

Having concluded his first solo concert in Korea, MeRadio.sg asked the singer if he will be bringing the show to town.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Singapore. I’m preparing for my Asia tour, which will begin in summer; Singapore will probably be one of the stops,” Hyung Jun said. He last visited Singapore two years ago for a fan meet.

For someone who travels a lot, Hyung Jun’s three must-haves when he goes overseas include his handphone, comfortable shoes and a mat.

“Yes, a mat. Something like a picnic mat,” he reiterated laughingly and explained that he brings it everywhere with him, so that he can take a rest when needed.

With a schedule as busy as his — Hyung Jun is only in town for three days — does he ever find time to date?

“I will manage my time,” he said, “In the past, when I was younger, I would worry a lot. What will happen if I [date]? But now, I’m just going to do whatever I want to.”

When asked if he would date a fellow celebrity, Hyung Jun replied, “It doesn’t matter.”

The singer then shared that what he looks for in a girl is someone who is really lady-like and supportive.

“Someone who will continue to work and have her own career, even after marriage,” he said, adding that he will consider marriage only after he completes his mandatory national service.
We will also be uploading some more photos from the interview onto our Facebook, so do check them out here tomorrow!

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