[Trans] The Comeback Of Heo Young Saeng, Forget About The Past Heo Young Saeng

Source: myDaily
Chinese Trans: HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cll_slam @ StylishHYS

Pls repost with credits

SS501 Heo Young Saeng will be making his comeback on White Day.

Last May, Heo Young Saeng released his 2nd mini album and after 10 months on 14 Mar, he will be coming back with his 3rd mini album [LIFE] to meet his fans.

On 12 Mar, 5 different concept photos (yellow, red, blue, orange, white) were released via SNS.

In the photos, notice his orange-dyed hair and different styles of image.

Heo Young Saeng’s company B2Ment stated that thru this comeback activities, it will let you forget the Heo Young Saeng so far. You will also get to see his style, music other than his images.

The title track of the song is a retro dance track called “Art Of Seduction” (작업어 정석)

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