[Trans] 22.02.13 SS501 Kim Hyung Jun – Exceptional Maknae, Pronoun of Maknae! on HWAITING News

Original source:  http://hwaiting.jp/?p=13461
English trans credit  @yuhki07 

Exceptional Magnae, Pronoun of Magnae, SS501 KIM HYUNG JUN! Any group has Maknae.

But there is a person who is imagined at the 1st as Maknae. It is SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! If you search “マンネ” (maknae) on web, you can understand. He is Typical Magnae who has another commentary if you examine the meaning of Maknae. Also Kim Hyung Jun is remarkable success lately. His starring drama was aired two works last year. (Sunshine Girl, I Love You)

He has been active as it does not lose to actors. Also he appears in movie “Actors are actors” produced by master craftsman movie director Kim Ki Duk. I think that he is riding on the wave.

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