[Trans] Hyung Jun – Exclusive Interview with ASTA MAG

ASTA: What you do for come to thailand on this time? and how about feedback from your fans?

KHJun: “This time i have a chance to join this event “Thailand-korea Friendship Festival 2012”

I’m greatly honoured to be a part of this event by Thailand and Korea holding together.

I’m so glad to meet fans because I have not came to Thailand for a long time.But they are still

looking forward to my works always and received a warm welcome.I really glad.”
ASTA:You come to Thailand on this time, did you eat Thai food yet?

KHJun: “Before this, I have eaten Tom Yum Kung. it very delicious, and this time I have eaten many

Thai food such as yesterday i have eaten Poo Pad Pong Karee (Fried crab in yellow curry)”
ASTA: On the 2012 you played in the 2 drama, Pls tell about your character in the drama and how different?

KHJun: “In the ‘Shining Girl’ I played the role of ‘KangMin’ who is the arrogant top star.

For ‘Late Blossom’ character is the same but the taciturn more than the first drama”

ASTA: In the series “Sunshine Girl” you have to show sexy scene, how about feedback?

KHJun: “The first feedback it come from my family, everyone shock. It the first series,

you must to show like this(laugh). and my fans shock too because it the first time

for them to see me do like this”

ASTA: Recently , you released album “ESCAPE”, Pls tell us about ESCAPE’s concept?

KHJun: “This is 2nd album of mine, it has 5 song, it has many style of song that i want to do

such as Tango, Dance and Ballad. This album will be look grown up. My impressions is filming MV

with Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo, i’m very excited because i never working with the Top Star actor

like this before. While filming MV on the summer, it has the one scene. I had to run near the water

pipe but that time it had many mosquitoes. When I ran the mosquitoes fly into my mouth and nose”

ASTA: How do you feel when you make solo? lonely?

KHJun: “Lonely on the first time because i’m not familiar. But right now it 3 year already

for make solo, How time flies, Now i familiar with it and i have fun with my work”

ASTA: Do you still keep in touch with another member?

KHJun: Of course, I still contact them many time, Some people maybe think we not keep in touch

each other but actually, We still talk each other and keep in touch always

ASTA: Whom did you keep in touch so often?

KHJun: HyunJoong hyung, but recently HyunJoong hyung busy, So we talk to each other not often

ASTA: Kim kyu Jong is now serving in army and soon it will be you , do you any plan?

KHJun: “Now i worry a little bit but i’m not prepared anything special because it don’t have anything

must to serious. Join to service in the army it must to do, it is not the end of life but it is to start for

spend a new life in the another style. I will try to work hard. When i come out from army,

I will try to work hard more. Now i plan my work for the future many thing,

so don’t worry about me”

ASTA: How about kibum? What he doing right now?

KHJun: “Now he has works and activity in Japan.”

ASTA: If you can make duo album with your brother (Kibum), what concept do you want?

KHJun: “Hahahaha, maybe it is “a siblings concept” and concept musical is “R&B” and

“Dance” because i and my brother like dance.”

ASTA:What you do in 2013?

KHJun: “Next year maybe you can see my works more than like this. In the last year ,

i had many activity in Korea and Japan, so i have plan to make activity in another country,

such as Thailand and another country in asian.”

ASTA:Have you ever had Christmas Day in your memorial?

KHJun: “When i studies on primary education , I thought having santa claus in reality.

Because my teacher wore santa claus clothing and gave the book to me and that is christmas

in my memorial ”

ASTA: On the children, what kind of gift do you want to recieve from santa?

KHJun: “It has been a long time, i can’t remember it, But now the thing that i want, i did it already.

The gift that i want is.. i wish my family have strong health forever.”

ASTA:There are rumors the world will end on December 21, 2012. you believe?

KHJun: “Hahaha I’m not one to believe in anything like this.

it maybe the truth, but i don’t want it become to the truth. maybe it just the rumour.

now i have plan to do many project. so,I don’t want the world to the end”

ASTA: If 22 dec’2012 the world not the end, how you do?

KHJun: “it good, hahaha maybe i will be holding party with my friend”

ASTA: Last, pls say something to ASTAMAG Fans?

KHJun: “Thank you everyone , next year i promise, I will come to Thailand many time

and i have many activity want to share with fans. Pls looking forward to continuing to my works,

Thank you for interview me on today”

**ASTA Talk**

It seem the finished interview but not yet finished, after we got his sign and handshake,

We going out from the room, Instantly! HyungJun ask us “I have ever met you before???

I think I remember you.” Oh….OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is the first time for Idol ask us like this

(never had idol ask like this before) We answer him “Every time when SS501 come to Thailand,

we went to meet you for present news always” . After that he heading to us

and handshake with us and said “I told you so! I can remembered you,

Thank you for interview me on this time!”

Thai to English by: aor22
Scan by @SakuraDream501